Bitcoin supply in loss rises to 68% after price drop from $31k local top

According to on-chain data, 2.71 million BTC has fallen into loss as Bitcoin's price dropped from its local top of $31k, resulting in a rise in the total amount of supply in loss to 68%. Glassnode analyst James Check suggests that BTC could see a big move to either side as the sell-side risk ratio approaches its all-time lows. Bitcoin's current spot price is around $26.4k, and the drawdown below $27k has bulls staring at a potential dip to support at $25k or lower. However, even as this outlook materializes, about 2.71 million BTC has drifted underwater, equivalent to about 14% of the benchmark crypto's circulating supply.


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  • Brazil’s cryptocurrency trading volume in July was US$3.7 billion, with USDT trading accounting for 81.6%

    According to data from the Federal Tax Authority, cryptocurrency transactions in Brazil reached 18.8 billion Brazilian real (approximately 3.7 billion US dollars) in July, a decrease of 11.4% compared to the previous month. The three highest transaction volumes were stablecoins, with USDT accounting for 15.3 billion Brazilian real, or 81.6% of the total transaction volume, followed by USDC (838 million Brazilian real) and Brazilian real stablecoin BRZ (641 million Brazilian real). 
  • The total amount of Ethereum beacon chain pledged exceeded 27 million ETH, and the net inflow in Shanghai after the upgrade exceeded 7.52 million ETH

    On September 27th, according to data from Dune Analytics, the total amount of ETH staked on the Ethereum beacon chain reached 27,075,124, accounting for 22.53% of the total ETH supply. Among them, the stake share of the liquidity staking protocol Lido reached 32.26%. In addition, there was a net inflow of 7,526,947 ETH since the Shanghai upgrade.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa’s Bitcoin transaction volume exceeds North America and Eastern Europe, ranking first in the world

    According to a report by Chainalysis, the transaction volume in Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 2.3% of the global cryptocurrency transaction volume, and "cryptocurrencies have penetrated key markets and become an important part of many residents' daily lives." From July 2022 to June 2023, Nigeria's transaction volume is close to $60 billion, making it the largest cryptocurrency market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Overall, the total transaction volume in the region during the same period was $117.1 billion. Data shows that Nigeria accounts for nearly half of the total transaction volume in the region during the same period. South Africa's transaction volume during the same period exceeded $20 billion, making it the second largest cryptocurrency market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya, Mauritius, and Ghana ranked third, fourth, and fifth in the region's top five. At the same time, Chainalysis data shows that more and more residents in Sub-Saharan Africa are considering BTC as a store of value. The proportion of Bitcoin transaction volume in Sub-Saharan Africa's transaction volume is 9.3%, surpassing all regions, including North America (9.0%) and Eastern Europe (8.2%). Although Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency in the region, the latest data seems to indicate that people are leaning towards using stablecoins. 
  • Ethereum gas fee temporarily surged to 300 gwei

    On-chain data shows that Ethereum's gas fee has briefly spiked to 300 gwei.
  • StarkNet bridge TVL breaks through 500,000 ETH

    According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total locked-in amount of Ethereum Layer 2 solution StarkNet's bridging has exceeded 500,533 ETH, which is worth over $800 million at current prices. The number of user addresses on the StarkNet chain is currently 946,205. Historical data shows that the total locked-in amount of StarkNet bridging reached 300,000 ETH at the end of August this year, which means that it has grown by more than 66% in less than a month.
  • The Ethereum network has currently destroyed 3,606,282.91 ETH

    According to Ultrasound data, as of now, the Ethereum network has destroyed a total of 3,606,282.91 ETH. Among them, OpenSea destroyed 230,050.68 ETH, ETHtransfers destroyed 302,374.69 ETH, and Uniswap V2 destroyed 206,404.63 ETH. Note: Since the introduction of EIP-1559 in the Ethereum London upgrade, the Ethereum network will dynamically adjust the BaseFee of each transaction based on transaction demand and block size, and this part of the fee will be directly burned and destroyed.
  • The total amount locked on Ethereum Layer 2 is US$9.56 billion

    L2BEAT data shows that the total amount of locked assets on Ethereum Layer2 is currently 9.56 billion US dollars, a decrease of 0.68% in the past 7 days. Among them, the highest amount of locked assets is on the expansion plan Arbitrum One, which is about 5.201 billion US dollars, accounting for 54.41%, followed by Optimism, with a locked asset amount of 2.438 billion US dollars, accounting for 25.50%.
  • The minting volume of Ordinals inscriptions exceeds 30 million, and the transaction fee is close to 2,000 BTC

    On September 10th, Dune data shows that the total amount of Ordinals Inscriptions minted under the Bitcoin NFT protocol has exceeded 30 million, with a current count of 30,064,319. The total transaction fee is currently 1,992.5041 BTC (approximately 51,654,331 USD). Based on historical data, the minting of Ordinals Inscriptions surpassed 10 million on May 30th and 20 million on July 29th, indicating a growth of over 33% in the past month.
  • Several giant whales bought a total of more than 90,000 ETH after the market fell on August 18, equivalent to approximately US$148 million.

    According to the monitoring of the on-chain analyst Yu Jin, the situation of the whale addresses who bought ETH after the market fell on August 18 is as follows: -0x3ceeb2b14d65bb9aac8b9f6d5eadeb6ec0019c79 bought 32,101 ETH (about $53.08 million), with an average price of $1654. -0xb15485a37a1e6759f0dff1bdccfc27c2c96c8b2e (band ETH high winning rate whale) bought 19,507 ETH (about $31.87 million), with an average price of $1634. -0x362208b5c0364e9100003192fca06647d4db6ec7; 0x8b947f974618af6b3e63b7a942ef02d505ad8564 bought 12,165 ETH (about $20 million), with an average price of $1644. -smartestmoney.eth bought 11,242 ETH (about $18.62 million), with an average price of $1657. -0x225d3822de44e58ee935440e0c0b829c4232086e (1inch: Team Investment Fund Collection address) bought 9,132 ETH (about $15 million), with an average price of $1644. -0x55c11477577636024f8c4e776cda758c6f81cdaf bought 6,127 ETH (about $10 million), with an average price of $1648.
  • Binance’s 24-hour futures trading volume is $21.06 billion

    CoinGlass data shows that Binance is still the leader in cryptocurrency derivatives trading, with a 24-hour futures trading volume of 21.06 billion US dollars. In addition, in terms of open interest (OI), Binance's 24-hour OI trading volume is 7.18 billion US dollars, leading the closest competitor Bybit by nearly 4.28 billion US dollars. In addition, cryptocurrency market participants settled more than 14.5 million US dollars on Binance during the same period.