Base, Ethereum-Based Layer-2 Protocol, Announces Launch Criteria for Mainnet Deployment

Base, the Ethereum-based Layer-2 blockchain protocol affiliated with Coinbase Global Inc, has announced its launch criteria for its forthcoming mainnet launch. The protocol's main focus is on ensuring safety and security, and it will not be issuing a native token for the Base protocol. Base has already completed two of the five criteria required for its mainnet launch, and after the launch, it will enter the Genesis Window to deploy Decentralized Application (DApps) and provide support to developers. 


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  • Hong Kong police arrested three people again in connection with the JPEX case, bringing the total number of arrests to 15

    Hong Kong police arrested three more people related to the JPEX case, including one director and one employee of the overseas exchange Lupin, and one popular analyst from a foreign currency exchange shop. The total number of arrests is now 15. The police have received a total of 2,392 reports, involving a total amount of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, and have frozen 77 million yuan in assets. 
  • The National Blockchain Industry Industry-Education Integration Community was established in Xiongan New Area

    National Blockchain Industry Production-Education Integration Community Establishment Conference was held in Xiong'an New Area on September 27. The National Blockchain Industry Production-Education Integration Community is jointly formed by Xiong'an Guochuang Center Technology Co., Ltd., Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Hebei Software Vocational and Technical College, and other units under the guidance of the Vocational and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education, the Education and Examination Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, together with relevant industry associations, enterprises, undergraduate colleges, vocational colleges, scientific research institutes and other units. The establishment of the National Blockchain Industry Production-Education Integration Community aims to gather high-quality production-education resources and establish a new type of production-education integration organization to support the development of the blockchain industry, promote industrial development and talent cultivation, effectively promote the deep integration of industry and education, improve the quality of talent cultivation, better meet the development needs of the blockchain industry, and effectively promote economic and social development.
  • Kraken plans to enter U.S. listed stock and ETF trading market in 2024

    Citing sources familiar with the matter, cryptocurrency exchange platform Kraken plans to launch trading services for US-listed stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in 2024. This marks the first time that Kraken, which has a 12-year history, has ventured beyond its cryptocurrency business. The new service will be provided through its newly established department, Kraken Securities, and will initially be launched in the United States and the United Kingdom. Currently, Kraken has obtained the necessary regulatory licenses in the UK and has applied for broker-dealer licenses with financial industry regulators in the United States.
  • Israel Lands Authority plans to establish tokenized real estate exchange

    The Israel Land Authority (RAMI) has issued a local tender for blockchain advisors. The tender shows that RAMI's interests go far beyond digital land registration, as it plans to establish a tokenized real estate exchange. These plans include: using smart contracts to register assets and manage licenses, transactions, and (leasing) agreements; tokenization of real estate: buying, selling, leasing, investing, profit distribution; establishing a token trading exchange and collecting royalties. (Ledgerinsights)
  • The Chairman of the U.S. SEC will testify tomorrow at the House Financial Services Committee’s hearing on SEC oversight issues

    On September 26th, it was announced that Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will testify on SEC oversight issues at a hearing of the US House Financial Services Committee on September 27th at 22:00 Beijing time. According to a committee memorandum, the hearing will examine regulatory developments, rulemaking, and activities at the SEC during a period since October 5th, 2021, including the issuance of Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 121 on March 24th, 2022, which requires reporting entities engaged in digital asset custody activities to record the corresponding assets as liabilities, and the proposal to amend the definition of "exchange" on March 18th, 2022, to expand SEC authority over digital asset trading platforms.
  • Binance to Launch Stablecoins in Japan with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group's Trust Banking Arm

    Despite its ongoing legal battle with the SEC, Binance is looking to expand its presence in the overseas market by partnering with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group to launch stablecoins denominated in USD, EUR, and Japanese Yen in Japan's growing crypto industry by 2024. Japan recently passed a law allowing licensed companies to issue stablecoins, with MUFG engaging in discussions with various entities about using its blockchain platform to create stablecoins linked to foreign currencies.
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University submits recommendations in the 2023 Chief Executive’s Policy Address: Promote the application of global Legal Person Identifier (LEI) based on blockchain technology

    Policy Research Center for Science and Innovation Technology (PReCIT) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University submitted a proposal to the government during the public consultation period for the Chief Executive's 2023 Policy Address. The proposal suggests that the Hong Kong government consider establishing an international data center and supercomputing center, promoting the application of global legal entity identifier codes (LEI) based on blockchain technology, and improving the regulatory framework for artificial intelligence.
  • All open derivatives positions in the FTX Client Claims Program will be displayed individually by project

    On September 24th, FTX released more information regarding derivative position claims. In the initial customer claim plan submitted on March 15th, 2023, all open derivative positions were assumed to be closed and included in the USD balance. In the revised customer claim plan submitted on June 27th, 2023, all open derivative positions as of the application date and time (November 11th, 2022) were split into separate items to display the number of contracts held by derivative code. The above changes will not alter or affect the total value of user claims, and the final USD equivalent valuation will be determined later.
  • OKX releases announcement on LBR swap

    According to the official announcement on September 22nd, OKX will conduct a replacement of LBR tokens, replacing LBR (V1) with LBR (V2) at a 1:1 ratio. The specific arrangement is as follows: On September 25th at 2:00 PM (UTC+8), LBR deposit and withdrawal functions will be closed and the replacement will begin. LBR trading will not be affected. After the replacement is completed, OKX will resume LBR deposit and withdrawal functions, but will no longer support LBR (V1) deposits, only supporting LBR (V2) deposits. Please be careful when depositing to avoid property loss.